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Utano Global.
Diversity, equity and inclusion Consulting services

We help you build a company people are proud to work for

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Why use Utano Global?

Utano Global is your one stop shop management consulting firm that supports you to create an organisation that is:
- diverse, inclusive and has a strong culture of belonging and identity 
- psychologically safe for all employees, customers and the community 

Our Values

High-performing organizations are inclusive, diverse, connected, and safe. DEI is deeper than policies, programs, or headcounts. Equitable employers outperform their competitors by respecting the unique perspectives, needs, and potential of their team members. 

Sectors we serve

  • Mining

  • Engineering and Construction 

  • Financial Services 

  • Hospital and Health Services

  • Government and NGO Sector

About Utano Global

We aim to  empower the workplace to change the world

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